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4.5 starsI have NO idea how this happenedbut this book wiggled it s way into my heartBIG TIME I went on a holiday reading binge this year I read probably 20 stories in a couple weeks And most were adequately entertaining One that I found particularly enjoyable was Sno Ho by Ethan Day I read the reviews how it was laugh out loud hysterical, and true, the banter between the MC s Boone in particular was pretty funny And I liked the humorunapologetic without crossing the line But, what really drew me to the story was the relationship that was building between writer Boone Olympic gold medalist turned ski instructor Wade Sure, it was insta love But there were real and often complicated emotions there, especially in Boone s head And it drew me in The ending, however, pissed me offnot a cliffhanger per se, but there s no way you can NOT jump into book 2 right away.So I did And whattaya knowit snuck right up on me and became an instant favorite Now, before I go on, I need to explain that Boone is a writer and each chapter of Life in Fusion starts with excerpts from his bookyou read Boone s character s journey Well, you do if you don t skim it Iskimmed it Actually, I skipped all those parts entirely So, with those out of the way, what remained was a book that just WORKED for me.Boone Wade are in a committed relationship after only a few weeksbut figuring out what that means and how to make it work There s baggage There are relationships family, friends to navigate There s long distance There are all the challenges of a new relationship and hardly knowing one another And there is love And without completely knowing how it happened, I ate up ever morsel of this book other than those parts I skipped and it was SO SATISFYING.The commitment and the feelings expressed through humor between Boone Wade were even better in book 2 Less annoying and endearing And then there were misundertandings and hurt feelings and real adult relationship stuff that made me feel like I was having drinks with friends listening to them talk about their lives.Boone s crazy parents cracked me up, yet won over my heart Boone s best friend Gabe made me so angry, yet I related to him the most Boone s incessant use of humor to deal with emotions became a familiar pattern that made it so much clearer what he was trying to avoid or mask.And then there s Wade Oh to be loved by a man like Wade Controlling Patient Kind Demanding Loving Strong I want him Or I want someone to love me like he does Boone And I want to live in a glorious mountain home with spectacular views So yeah, this book did it for me I m as surprised as anyonebut I still smile as I think of it Note the book does not work as a standalone But book 1, Sno Ho, is a short holiday novella that you can finish quickly.Another note MLR Press consistently has sub par editing proofing in their books I ve read from them Yet, they charge 8.99, one of the higher prices, for their ebooks It s frustrating and makes me grouchy. This story is so funny But made me think about how stupid humans can beWhy Simple The aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangst OMG The main characters had so many doubts oh, is this right oh, I must think about this relationship oh, I think it s not time to move on with him I can understand each question, and understand also some jealousy from Gabe but certainly all of them lost a precious time questioning their real feelings It s not a problem of the book, but only an observation I think it s a good critic of how we, stupid humans, can sometimes try to avoid this marvelous and unique thing love Marvelous writing, perfect drama timing, and again like the first of this serie I LMAO with Boone He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny my review is here I adore the zaniness that is Ethan Day I love Wade and Boone I ve fought my GR friend Monika for Boone and lostbut I m holding fast onto Wade Hear that He s mine He is such a love and so in love with Boone it hurts Ain t love grand This entirely satisfactory sequel to Sno Ho took a little while to get to the inevitable climax and facing the issues in Boone and Wade s quick and lusty romance but the getting there was so very yummy and fun I just love the snappy dialogue, Boone s inner musings and snark, and the ambiance that Mr Day gives us in this world sweet, comfortable, wacky, loving, kind, and generous And just the right amount of steamy, hot sexing goin on between these two guys like horny teen agers when they get within five feet of each other Both Boone and Wade have lost in love and suffered for it but they work towards each other and a chance at happily ever after I m hoping for another full sequeland one including Boone s best bud, Gabe, and Chip, maybe Oh, and the mini story within a story Boone is a fiction writer and the excerpts from his sci fi adventure show us the sexual sparring between another cast of characters, Buck, Halo, and Gostric love the names Hope Boone gets those books published I d buy one Go Boone 3.5As deliciously snarky as the first book Boone is definitely a character that I love This addresses what happens after the HEA, uprooting your life and upsetting your friends when you find love and find yourself leaving parts of your old life behind I really felt for Gabe, a lot The friendship between him and Boone was tight and seeing Gabe struggle with the changes was a bit heart breaking view spoiler I want Boone to just kidnap him and move him to Summit City I also want Tommy to find love hide spoiler I feel like just writing I LOVED THIS BOOK, but that wouldn t be a very detailed review, so I ll try and give you a few reasons as to why that is Oh, let me count the ways Life in Fusion picks up right where Sno Ho left off, with Boone newly back in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Wade still in Summit City, Colorado and Boone continuing to agree to move to Summit City at the end of six months.The story fluctuates back and forth between the two cities, depending on who was visiting whom and you get a good description of the individuals that are important in each man s life In Albuquerque you meet Dixie and Rocky Daniels, Boone s parents, whose frank, over the top ways sent me repeatedly into hysterical laughter Dixie is an ex beauty queen who never misses an opportunity to tell anyone who is willing to listen about her glory days and Rocky is a unique, abnormally blunt man, who loves his son enough that he was willing to try out some gay ways to try and understand him The banter between Boone and his parents was fantastic You re also introduced to Boone s closest friends, which are exactly what I would image friends of Boone s would be like fun and witty In Summit City you see many of the same people that were in the first book again and there are, of course, some antics by the Quad and one of Wade s ex boyfriends is brought in for a few pages, because really what book is complete without some exs trying to throw their nasty ex wrenches into things In Albuquerque Boone s ex makes an appearance, as well You remember him, right The oh so classy Doctor Phillip that ditched Boone via telephone in the first book Yes, well he makes a few unfortunate appearances in this story and as expected, I wanted to slap his silly little doctor face every time he had the audacity to walk onto the pages of my ereader.Then, there is the endearing love that is shown between Wade and Boone, as well as Boone s amusing comments throughout the book and it made for an amazingly fun, heart warming read I don t think I could ever tire of Boone his penchant for unhealthy food, anything goes mouth, and insatiable libido serve to make him one of my all time favorite protagonists. What can I say besides the inside of Ethan s head must be a three ring circus Only in the nicest way possible, of course Seriously, though I fell in love with Boone and Wade in Sno Ho and I was a bit afraid to read LIF, simply because they were so dear to me I m sure I needn t tell anyone, but that was obviously a mistake LIF accomplished the second part of Boone and Wade s story in such glorious spastic perfection that I was instantly smitten all over again Besides and for all I love Boone , though I ve never been attracted to big or very muscular men, if one had the winning personality of Wade, I d swoon into those giant arms any day. The Sno Ho SequelAspiring Author, Boone Daniels, Always Figured Love Would Be As Easy As He Was Fresh Off The Whirlwind Winter Vacation Romance With Ski God And Would Be Boyfriend, Wade Walker Boone Was Certain That Saying Goodbye Would Be The Hardest PartHe D Survived The Unconventional Way In Which They Came Together, Proven Himself Somewhat Worthy To Wade S Hometown Of Summit City, And Felt Certain The Self Imposed, Six Month Boy Buffer Would Prove One Thing Their Fate Was To Be Forever EntwinedOnce Real Life Settles In, Boone Suffers The Realization That No One Ever Actually Said Love Was Easy And That Even After You Fall, You Can Still Break As Their Two Worlds Collide, He Begins To Understand That If He Can Navigate The Landscape Of Life In Fusion, He Just Might Get That Happily Ever After After All Some of Ethan Day s books are among my favorites of this genre but this one along with Sno Ho and the Christmas themed one was just ok The first book was cute for a while with Boone s constant one liners, but by this sequel I was saying out loud, give it a rest already If I had a friend that was nothing but quick quips and wisecracks I don t think I could stand to be around him for than five minutes There s to life than trying to be a modern day Dorothy Parker There has to be some substance upon which to build a relationship And then to make things just so much fun, we re introduced to Boone s parents who turn things on the over the top dial from 11 up to about 200 Don t get me wrong, I m not wishing for angst and melodrama, it s just my preference to have the wisecracks and outrageousness applied like a surgeon s scalpel than a jackhammer I think Astrid Amara does an excellent job of having stories with funny characters that also have serious sides, making them relatable to me.This book also had me doing something I have not done with Ethan Day s books in the past skimming Each of the four sections of the book opens with excerpts from a book that Boone is writing and it just added nothing at all for me No big deal A slightly bigger deal was all the sex It just got to be a little boring after a while I d rather watch a movie with a few well done sex scenes than a 2 hour porno with a little plot in between each hard core scene After a while I became inured to all the sex.And finally, what the F is up with the cover Certainly those two guys aren t supposed to be Boone and Wade Wade is described than once as a bulkier Christoper Reeve, a mountain of a guy with dark hair so I m assuming the dark haired guy in the back is him blink That guy looks like a creeper sitting in a windowless van outside the local elementary school than what I have pictured in my imagination as Wade Which is basically Bode Miller Yeah, Bode doesn t have dark hair, but he s the Olympic medalist skier I find most swoon worthy so Bode it is. The snark tastically funny, sexy, fast moving sequel to Sno Ho is everything I expected from that first sample Boone is sticking to his 6 month plan before moving to Summit City with Wade He s worried about how fast things moved and the huge life change has him rattled and insecure He has to break the news to his childhood bestie Gabe too The banter and wit flows fast and furious through long distance dating, weekend visits and meeting the parents To me, there s nothing better than a story that doesn t just entertain but pulls out belly laughs and snorts, leaving me with a happiness hangover.Boone hides his insecurities behind his comedic shtick but he s not incapable of self analysis and deeper thoughts The love was instant but trusting in it is another matter indeed Every one of the character are fully delineated, including secondary figures Summit City itself is nearly its own entity There s plenty of substance surrounding the developing romance, as Boone makes sure old friends are reassured and past relationships put to rest There s an unexpected trauma and heartwarming bonding And sex Hot, sexy sex Not too much but Boone is a naughty boy A few references in the story feel a bit dated now, eight years after release because they re even older references but still funny to me I m so looking forward to the long awaited follow ups to a book I m still fond of reading anytime I need a pick me up and a smile.