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While Scientists Prepare For A Massive Solar Flare Heading Towards The Earth, A Hostile Foreign Government Steals A Top Secret, Experimental Weapon When They Use The EMP Weapon To Attack America However, The Result Is The Immediate And Catastrophic Loss Of Modern Technology All Over The Planet The President Calls Upon Dr James White To Lead A Group Of Scientists And Theologians In An Effort To Develop A Plan That Will Offer Humanity A Second Chance At Civilization When Societies Begin To Unravel, Refugees Flee The Anarchy In The Cities As People Learn How To Survive In A World Without Technology, A World For Which They Are Not Prepared Will Humanity Survive This Catastrophic Event Join Author Jeff Horton For A Journey Into The Chaotic And Perilous New World Of The Great Collapse

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    Oh dear There were a lot of problems with this.The first problem was on me I didn t realize at first that I was reading what seems to be a piece of Christian fiction coming from a standpoint that I really don t care for Once I figured that out, I could forgive the attitudes on Christianity and read for content.The book is very repetitive The wide spread problems that would be caused by the event the book revolves around are repeated by every character In detail Over and over Other random things may be picky, but really detracted from the book Some examples Who calls their wife Ms lastname The timeline for society to fall apart at the seems is too optimistic 2 weeks Try 2 days.It s DUCT tape, not duck tapeYou wouldn t recognize your husband with 2 weeks of beard growth and dirty clothes What are you, Odysseus wife Slunk one of her arms over his shoulder Slunk Slung do you have an editor Maybe that s the problem.The one that really got me The unbelievable one The one that nearly destroys my faith in humanity In one section, God is not capitalized The whole chapter WTF This is Christian fiction How the hell does this even happen, with or without an editor Just can t recommend it.Would I recommend this to a reader of Christian fiction NoWould I recommend this to someone who liked One Second After NoWould I recommend this to a man in a bear suit No

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    Imagine waking up one morning to find that all of the modern technology we depend upon is gone How would we survive

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    A complex, exciting and brilliant techno thriller, which Author Jeff Horton has somehow managed to infuse human drama into as well this is a must read for those who savor novels with an utterly unique plot and characters VERY highly recommendedRick FriedmanFounderTHE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOKCLUB

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    New author Jeff Horton debuts his first novel The Great Collapse with an eye opening experience that should jump start your heartbeat only to be reawakened with a new outlook on what the world could be in for if the path of technological invention does not slow down Horton s innovative story presents earth in the very near future, when a military experiment gone wrong causes the entire planet to be wiped out of electronic technology all in a split second The US Military was working on an advanced weapon device that could be used in times of war that would disable an enemy s electronic communication systems and general electricity uses Before scientists could perfect the device in order to keep the effects stable, the Iranian government steals the device out of retribution seeking revenge against our country Not knowing the device was not ready to deploy, they launch the EMP weapon Electromagnetic Pulse via satellite and engage the device when it positions directly over the United States At the precise moment that the weapon is engaged, a major solar flare also bursts causing the EMP weapon to not only wipe out electricity on our own country, but sends all electronic technology on the entire planet into oblivion The duo clash of both the solar flare and the EMP effect cause the Pulse to catastrophically be trapped in the earth s magnetic field, an effect that could take a hundred years or to dissipate Within the blink of an eye, earth has been shut down Civilization as we know it, is gone Strange nightly appearances of an Aurora Borealis like light show brightens the now dark evening skies There is no electricity, anywhere No cell phones, no computers, no heat, no air conditioning, no water All transportation vehicles with electronically driven components cease to operate Airplanes suddenly crash, cars run off the road, trains derail in a nutshell, modern technology simply ceases to exist and throws the inhabitants of planet earth back into what our history books called the Dark Ages Once the impact of the Pulse becomes reality, Horton introduces a large host of characters Scientists, engineers, doctors, theologians, military officers, and general civilians that become the key core group survivors of the Pulse Alternating chapters for each character that will in the end join forces, Horton paints us a very vivid and shocking picture of what life would be like if this really happened The author presents the reader with some hard questions scenarios that would have to play out when people are instantly forced to return to living off the land to survive While turning the pages of this riveting story, readers will be begin to ponder do we know how to hunt for food, build a log cabin, dig a well for water Do we of this technologically advanced race even know how to make a fire, read by candlelight, create our own methods of entertainment without CDs, DVDs, T.V, cell phones, computers and video games Can we defend ourselves against humanity gone mad Can we imagine a world gone hungry and thirsty within days after all grocery stores run out of food The Great Collapse is a finely written post apocalypse novel with an excellent view point that the world should be introduced to It is shocking, thought provoking, and yesvery scary But, Jeff Horton has an uncanny way of showing us that even with chaos and a cataclysmic event that can only bring great suffering and death, there is strength in numbers, there is hope if people unite to work together for a better tomorrow Ingredients of sci fi, action, religion, history, endearing characters, and philosophy blend together for a winning combination I really loved his creative story and eagerly await book two in the Pulse series Bravo Jeff for a wonderful new book

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    Its difficult to describe this book without delving too deeply in the story and giving away key details, so I will try to stay generalised in this review and not actually name so many names in incidents I mention.Initially I thought this was going to be a tad slow for me and perhaps a little too political, but upon getting further into the book you realise the beginning politics explanations are setting the scene for what happens next, why it happens and how people respond to it.The beginning is the story of the EMP being made, yet not fully tested, and Politicians and the like wanting to rush the process, the EMP is then stolen by the worst people possible, terrorists who plan to use it against America However when they use it a natural phenomenon is occurring which intensifies the EMP and Solar Flare that causes the whole world to lose electricity All electricity is destroyed by the EMP and Solar Flare Effect Everyone goes to bed one evening where things are normal, then the next day there s no electricity, then a couple of days after there s no running water, shops close and are looted for what little they have in them The Great Collapse is a very thought provoking book, could you live without electricity and batteries Do you realise that water stations use computers electricity to get the water to your tap Its the unseen unnoticed electricity uses that we would all miss the most Sure you may live near a river lake but would you know how to purify the water to drink it safely Could you hunt and kill animals to eat how would you survive with little medical care There s no central heating to keep warm or air conditioning to keep cool What about there being no police force any as there s no communications network left its literally every man, woman, and child for themselves Would you stay in your home How would you get food Would you travel to the rural areas with rivers and lakes and water Would you survive This book deals with these many questions and even It follows certain main characters and their efforts to in some cases fight their way back to their families and try to get to a safe place before the real madness begins The book has tales of kindness a former jail mate who because of the EMP has escaped to take revenge on the man who in his opinion betrayed him to the law, so you would say this man is a bad man yet he does kindnesses along his journey, you follow his change within his physical journey.The book also shows the bad where grown men hold knives to a young mothers throat for the food and water she has just found for her children.You certainly see the good and bad in society.You also follow the journey of the President of the america and his attempts with other men religious and theologists to save books and knowledge for the future when the EMP and The Effect has finally passed, though no one can truly say when that will be.As you get further into the book you follow a group of people who have literally met along the way from escaping the city who are trying to build a homestead which by sheer luck really ends up turning into a small community.I loved the descriptions, the characters, the suspense and danger the feud between two characters that ends sadly I loved the hope within the community that is in the processes of being built when you leave the story at the end of the book.Would I recommend it YES Would I read bk2 YES, WOULD LOVE TO.I really enjoyed the feel of holding the decent sized paperback book that I had won from Librarything whilst reading this book sure I enjoy kindle too, but you still yearn to hold an actual book I hope bk2 is not set too far in the future that you don t get to catch up with the people you have learnt to love in bk1,or their descendants, though obviously for the effect to have gone bk2 will have to be set quite a way ahead. I still wish to read bk2 though to know what happened and what is still set to happen.

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    This was an extremely interesting title and kept me reading till the end I think what takes a while reading this one is how the mind can wonder and make the reader think about what they would do if everything electrical and battery operated was suddenly taken away and couldn t be restored Jeff Horton did a great job at throwing me into a desperate situation with characters I cared about and could relate to.

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    This was a great book It is surprisingly possible, and very realistic There are many plot twists throughout It has a good storyline and is a fiction book from a christian perspective It is a interesting book and I recommend it for anyone.

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    Excellent A page turner with remarkably insightful plotlines Will definitely make you stop and think

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    Loved it Can t wait for the next one to find out what happens next Very good for his first book.

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    techno thriller from a Christian perspective, interesting description